R134a Refrigerant

COOL-TECH Refrigerant Features


Produce under AHRI Standard 700 : 2017 U.S.A.

Refrigerant Tetrafluoroethane (R134a) CH2FCF3 100% CAS No 811-97-2 (As of MSDS).

Refrigerant gas with a purity up to 99.95%.

Classified as a high-premium grade refrigerant gas, no moisture, no impurity and cool quickly. Provides extremely cold, consistent cooling and single unit temperature. The pressure value on high side not exceed 200 PSI.

Net Weight and Gross Weight

Net weight: 13.6 kg. or 30 lbs.
Gross weight: 16.7 kg

Cylinders are manufactured and inspected for safety under the DOT-39 standard by
the United States of America

The cylinder number is UN No. 3159 and also has a quality certificate (Quality Management System) GB/T 19001 : 2016
and ISO 9001 : 2015 and a certificate from a famous international standard institute, TUV Rheinland from Germany.
The cylinder type is NON-REFILLABLE or NON-REUSABLE.

Production Certification

COOL-TECH Refrigerant Certification
1) AHRI STANDARD 700 : 2017 from U.S.A.
2) SGS Certificate for Refrigerant
3) COA for Refrigerant
4) MSDS for Refrigerant

COOL-TECH Cylinder Certification

5) DOT 39 from U.S.A.
6) SGS Certificate for Cylinder
7) GB/T 19001 : 2016 and ISO 9001 : 2015 for Cylinder
8) TUV Rheinland for Cylinder from Germany

License from Ministry of Industry

9) COOL-TECH Registration Certificate
10) COOL-TECH Import License